We only sell original bags and accessories with each bag having all branded packaging, labels, barcodes.


Is it possible to combine the colors of a bag, backpack?

At the request of the client, you can combine different colors in bags or backpacks. For example: the top cover - light beige, the bottom part - beige, before bags - white

How to care for leather goods?

Like any natural thing, leather bags, backpacks, can not be left for long periods of time in direct sunlight

Care instructions

- Before use, it is recommended to wipe the product and its strap with a clean cloth to clean it of skin dust that may remain after manufacture.

- To maintain the cleanliness of the product from time to time it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth or clean water, depending on the dirt

- It is not recommended to take with you in heavy rain, because the product can get wet. If this happens, do not dry the product on heaters! It should be allowed to dry naturally. - Do not leave leather goods in the sun for a long time.

- Do not clean the product with alcohol, acetone or other chemical solutions, as this may damage the product.

- Never wash in the washing machine!

Can I exchange an item if I made a mistake with the size?

Yes, you are able to ask for the exchange. In this case the size is not correct (runs small or large) kindly, send us an email at reklama.victor@gmail.com. Please note that if you wish to exchange an item, you are responsible for shipping charges

Do you have paid shipping or is it free?

We have free worldwide shipping if you choose Standard shipping. If you want fast delivery, you can check its rates on our page https://leather-crafts-vr.com/policies/shipping-policy

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